About Us - Who Is Who

Director's Office

  • Mr Joachim James Calleja (Director)

  • Ms Mara Brugia (Deputy Director)

  • Ms Tine Soerensen Ballis (Assistant)

  • Ms Michèle Boucouvala-Ketterer (Senior Assistant)

  • Ms Eleonora Schmid (Assistant to the Director)

  • Ms Christina Vlahiotis (Assistant)

Legal Service

  • Ms Miriam Fuchs (Legal Advisor)

  • Ms Maria Karamanoli (Assistant)

Also reporting to the Director

  • Mr Spyros Antoniou (Data Protection Officer)

  • Mr Jesus Bustamante (Data Protection Officer)


Area Research and Policy Analysis

  • Ms Pascaline Descy (Head of Area)

  • Ms Rauni-Helena Puurunen (Senior Assistant - Area Management)

  • Mr Mircea Badescu (Expert)

  • Mr Steven Bainbridge (Senior Expert)

  • Ms Antje Barabasch (Expert)

  • Ms Maria Berkat (Assistant)

  • Ms Sylvie Bousquet (Senior Expert - Refernet Coordination)

  • Ms Bettina Brenner (Senior Assistant)

  • Mr Jesus Bustamante (Senior Expert)

  • Mr Adriano Graziosi (Senior Assistant)

  • Ms Helene Hamers (Senior Expert)

  • Ms Béatrice Herpin (Assistant)

  • Mr Ioannis Katsikis (Assistant)

  • Mr Vlasis Korovilos (Assistant)

  • Mr Dmitrijs Kulss (Expert)

  • Mr Vladimir Kvetan (Senior Expert)

  • Ms Patrycja Lipinska (Expert)

  • Mr Ilias Livanos (Expert)

  • Mr Pedro Moreno Da Fonseca (Expert)

  • Ms Roula Panagiotou (Assistant)

  • Mr Konstantinos Pouliakas (Expert)

  • Mr Antonio Ranieri (Senior Expert)

  • Ms Kersti Raudsepp (Expert)

  • Mr Giovanni Russo (Senior Expert)

  • Mr Daniel Scheuregger (Expert)

  • Mr Marco Serafini (Expert)

  • Mr Nicholas Sofroniou (Expert)

  • Ms Annie Tsaika (Senior Assistant)

  • Ms Eleonore Van de Veerdonk (Assistant)

  • Mr Jasper Van Loo (Senior Expert)

  • Ms Marena Zoppi (Senior Assistant)

  • Ms Alena Zukersteinova (Senior Expert)


Area Enhanced Cooperation in VET and LLL

  • Mr Loukas Zahilas (Acting Head of Area)

  • Ms Pelagia Katsaouni (Senior Assistant - Area Management)

  • Ms Evangelia Bara (Assistant - Publications)

  • Ms Joanne Basiakou (Assistant)

  • Ms Tina Bertzeletou (Senior Expert)

  • Mr Jens Bjornavold (Senior Expert - Brussels Office)

  • Ms Hanne Christensen (Senior expert)

  • Ms Ramona Carmen David Craescu (Expert)

  • Ms Alessia De Martino (Assistant)

  • Ms Alexandra Dehmel (Expert)

  • Ms Silke Gadji (Assistant)

  • Ms Irina Jemeljanova (Expert)

  • Ms Mary Karagiozopoulou (Senior Assistant)

  • Mr George Kostakis (Expert)

  • Ms Ioanna Nezi (Senior Expert)

  • Ms Yvonne Noutsia (Assistant)

  • Ms Vasiliki Oraiopoulou (Assistant)

  • Ms Slava Pevec Grm (Senior Expert)

  • Ms Irene Psifidou (Expert)

  • Mr Antonio Ranieri (Senior Expert)

  • Ms Andreea Rusu (Assistant)

  • Ms Lidia Salvatore (Expert)

  • Ms Maite Santos (Senior Assistant)

  • Ms Eleonora Schmid (Senior Expert)

  • Mr Guy Tchibozo (Senior Expert)

  • Mr Philippe Tissot (Senior Expert)

  • Mr Ernesto Villalba-Garcia (Expert)

  • Ms Chryssa Zekou (Assistant)


Area Communication, Information and Dissemination

  • Mr Gerd Oskar Bausewein (Head of Area)

  • Mr Steven Bainbridge (Senior Expert - Stakeholder Relations)

  • Ms Ioanna Nezi (Senior Expert - News Service)

  • Ms Nancy Toussaint (Senior Assistant)

  • Ms Catherine Wintrebert (Assistant - Area management)

  • Mr Michail Ioannidis (Assistant)

External Communication

  • Ms Corinna Frey (Senior Expert - Public Relations and Events)

  • Ms Ekaterina Tzolas (Senior Assistant - Conference Organisation)

  • Ms Rozalia Voudouri (Journalist - Press and News Service)

Library and Documentation

  • Mr Marc Willem (Head of Library and Documentation)

  • Ms Vania Kanakoglou (Assistant - Mail Registration)

  • Mr Cosmin Roman (Assistant)

  • Mr Robert Stowell (Archivist)


  • Ms Styliani Bochori (Assistant - Editing)

  • Mr David Bond (Senior Assistant - English Editing)

  • Ms Sylvie Bousquet (Senior Expert - Translation)

  • Ms Zacharoula Fotopoulou (Assistant - Printing and Distribution)

  • Mr Peter Seiffert (Assistant - Printing and Distribution)

  • Mr Michalis Tanakidis (Assistant - Printing and Distribution)

  • Ms Stephanie Wehrheim (Assistant - Translation)

  • Ms Sarka Zaveska-Deligiani (Assistant)


Area Resources

  • Mr Thierry Bernard-Guele (Head of Resources)

  • Ms Josefina Kiorpelidou (Assistant - Area Management)


  • Mr Stephen Temkow (Accountant)

  • Ms Athanasia Kalpakidi (Deputy Accountant)


  • Ms Areti Sainidou (Expert - Facility management and Security)

  • Mr Alexandros Papadopoulos (Technical Assistant)

  • Mr Konstantinos Ziogas (Technical Assistant)

  • Ms Martha Kyparissa (Technical Assistant)

Human Resources and General Support Services

  • Ms Ginette Manderscheid (Head of Service)

General Support Services

  • Mr Dimitrios Nikolaidis (Restaurant Manager)

  • Mr Aristidis Deliopoulos (Cook)

  • Mr Dimitris Tanis (Cook)

  • Mr Dimitris Dimakopoulos (Technical Assistant)

  • Mr Tassos Markoglou (Technical Assistant)

Human Resources

  • Ms Dimitra Bassou (Administrative Assistant)

  • Ms Rayna Germanova (Learning and Development Officer - HR Policy and Reporting)

  • Ms Christina Koufa (Administrative Assistant)

  • Ms Trine Pedersen (Administrative Assistant)

  • Mr Theodoros Theodoridis (Administrative Assistant)

Finance and Procurement

  • Mr George Paraskevaidis (Head of Service)


  • Ms Kalliope Dovas (Senior Administrative Assistant - Imprest account)

  • Mr Philippe Joureau (Senior Administrative Assistant)

  • Ms Alexandra Lantzoni (Administrative Assistant)

  • Ms Bernadette Mouffe (Senior Administrative Assistant)


  • Ms Clotilde Assumel-Lurdin (Administrative Assistant)

  • Ms Glykeria Bacharidou (Administrative Assistant)

  • Ms Dimitra Eleftheroudi (Administrative Assistant)

  • Mr Yancho Sirakov (Administrative Assistant)

  • Ms Elena Stogianou (Administrative Assistant)

Information and Communication Technologies

  • Mr Spyros Antoniou (Senior Expert - ICT Operations & Infrastructure)

  • Mr Thomas Mellios (Assistant - Information Systems development and administration)

  • Ms Stella Papargeris (Senior Assistant - IT development)

  • Mr Theodoros Sakellariou (Senior Assistant - Systems Administration)

  • Mr Athanassios Siaperas (Expert - Web technologies)

  • Ms Isabelle Thomas-Kollias (Senior Expert - Information Systems)

  • Ms Caroline White (Assistant)


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