Important: Please note!

Please note that Cedefop's skills intelligence based on OJAs is being continuously improved. Posted by millions of employers on thousands of websites, without standard structure or format, the data undergo extensive cleaning and processing. Sound analysis and contextualisation helps avoid interpretation errors and biases. It is advised to use Skills-OVATE as a complement to other sources, such as skills or household surveys. Please read Cedefop’s publications to learn about OJA based skills intelligence and challenges related to use of big data to inform skills policies.

Data visualisation is powered by Tableau public. By using the tool you agree with the general policies of Tableau.

This dashboard shows which types of contracts and working hours are offered by employers in different occupations. 3 levels of occupational classification are available for display. Please be aware that employers often do not disclose this information in the OJA. Because of high share of such OJAs, please treat the data in this dashboard with caution.

Dashboard controls: You can select a country from the drop down menu. In the charts, you can select more than one occupation and/or skill group by holding the CTRL-key. To undo your selection, click on the selected items again. To undo the entire selection, refresh the window.

Contracts and working hours