Practical Information


Conference Dates

  • Monday, 7 December 2015, 09:00-17:30 at Cedefop premises, Thessaloniki
  • Tuesday, 8 December 2015, 09:00-19:30 at Cedefop premises, Thessaloniki

Please note: Identity card is required for your entrance to Cedefop premises



Cedefop - Conference room EUROPA

Find your way
Address: Europe 123, 570 01 Thessaloniki (Pylea), Greece - Telephone: (+30 2310) 490 111,

To access Cedefop by taxi:
Cedefop is easy to access by taxi within maximum 30 minutes from any part of the city, the city’s suburbs and about 10 minutes from the airport. In general, taxis are easy to find, at the airport and all over the city; taxis are blue-white and easy to stop in the street.

Secretariat during the Conference
The Secretariat desk at Cedefop will operate:
Monday, 7 December 2015, 08:30 – 17:30
Tuesday, 8 December 2015, 08:30 – 18:00
Tel.: +30 2310250929
E-mail: [at]
Mobile during the event: +30 6979551465, Mrs. Vicky Giotopoulou

Internet facilities
Free Wi-fi connection will be available.


Social Events & Cultural Events

Monday, 7 December
At the end of the first day Cedefop is organising for all Conference participants a “Panorama” bus sightseeing city tour. At the end of the tour, at 19:00h, participants will enjoy a Dinner at Ouzeri “Agora”.

5, Kapodistriou str, Thessaloniki
Tel.: +30 2310532428

Accompanying persons are welcome to join you at the following cost:
“Panorama” bus sightseeing tour: 25 euro
Dinner at ouzeri “Agora”: 31 euro

Tuesday, 8 December
Cedefop is organising a Cocktail Party for the Conference participants on 8 December 2015 at 18:00h at the end of the second day at Cedefop premises.

Free shuttle bus service is being offered by Cedefop according to the programme on section 6.


How to get to your Hotel from the Airport

Thessaloniki airport |
Thessaloniki’s International Airport “MAKEDONIA” is located only 15km from the city centre. All Conference hotels are located near the airport, and can be reached by taxi.

A public bus is available 24 hours a day from the airport to the city centre, bus number 78 or 78N. These bus services operate from the airport approximately every 30 minutes. Tickets cost € 2 one way or € 2,10 when issued by ticket machines on the buses.

Thessaloniki International Airport overview
Thessaloniki airport arrivals and departures in real time!

Taxi Service in Thessaloniki

  • Taxi service in Thessaloniki is plentiful and economic.
  • A double fare is applicable between midnight and 05:00 am.


Conference Hotels - Locations

Makedonia Palace Hotel
Address: 2, Megalou Alexandrou Avenue
54640, Thessaloniki
Tel: +30 2310897197

Ouzeri “Agora”
5, Kapodistriou str, Thessaloniki
Tel.: +30 2310532428



Transfers will be provided by Cedefop according to the following timetable:

Monday, 7 December

08:00 – pick up from Makedonia Palace to CEDEFOP
17:30 – pick up from CEDEFOP - cultural visit - ouzeri “Agora”
21:30 – pick up from ouzeri “Agora”to Makedonia Palace

Tuesday, 8 December

08:00 – pick up from Makedonia Palace to CEDEFOP
19:30 – pick up from CEDEFOP to Makedonia Palace




Set on the northern shores of the Thermaikos Gulf that opens into the Aegean Sea, Thessaloniki is approximately 550 kilometres north of Athens and in close proximity to Chalkidiki's beautiful beaches. It is the metropolis of Macedonia, one of Europe's oldest cities and the second largest city in Greece.

Founded in 316 BC by Cassander, King of Macedonia, the city was named after his wife, Thessaloniki, sister of Alexander the Great and has been a crossroad of cultures and civilizations for over 2300 years. Few other places have such a density of outstanding historic monuments as Thessaloniki. The atmosphere is a fusion of Greek, Balkan and South-eastern European influences that co-exist harmoniously, creating a multicultural and cosmopolitan environment, where visitors from all over the world feel welcome.

Thessaloniki has the largest university in Greece, Aristotle University, which is one of the most established universities in the academic community in Europe. The city possesses the second largest and most important port in Greece, the International Fair which attracts commercial interest from all over the world, offers cultural events, theatres, Modern Art galleries, libraries, an immense variety of high standard recreational facilities and examples of modern architecture, art nouveau and eclecticism.

A few of the city's many attractions include the White Tower (15th century), the Arch of Galerius (4th century BC) with its magnificent frescoes, Thessaloniki's many churches, in particular the Rotonda (4th century) dedicated to St George, containing mosaics of the period, and the Agia Sofia (8th century), which was converted into a mosque during Ottoman rule. In 1988, 15 monuments of Thessaloniki were listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.



What to see

Thessaloniki is host to an impressive array of museums, cultural organizations, archaeological sites and monuments. A list includes:


  • The White Tower(seafront avenue)
  • The Roman Forum
  • The Arch of Galerius (Kamara)
  • The Rotonda (D. Gounari str)
  • Agios Demetrios church and the crypt
  • The Old Walls
  • Agia Sofia church (Agias Sofias street)
  • The Ahiropiitos
  • Vlatadon Monastery (Upper Town)


  • Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum
  • The Byzantine Museum
  • State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki
  • State Gallery of Art
  • Thessaloniki Museum of Photography
  • Museum of Cinematography in Thessaloniki
  • Thessaloniki Technology Park
  • Museum of Macedonian Ethnography


Night Out

You won't wonder where to get a drink in a town with this many bars! Thessaloniki is by far the liveliest city in Northern Greece, maybe even the whole country. Most of the bars are situated at the old seafront (Nikis Ave.) and around, many of the taverns are either downtown or in the old city (kastra). You can also find numerous bars and taverns at Krini, an area in eastern Thessaloniki, or you can visit the bars located in the big shopping centres just out of the city en route to the airport. You can find also a lot of nightclubs, bars and restaurants in Ladadika, the neighborhood with the old warehouses next to the port.


General Info

Greece is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT +2) throughout the year.

Greek is the official language but English is widely spoken as well as German and French.

The Greek currency is EURO. Credit cards are widely used in most establishments. Most currencies and traveller’s cheques can easily be changed either at banks, hotels or money-changers with some handling charges.

Weather in December
Greece has a Mediterranean climate with a definite seasonal variation. In December it will be wintertime with an average temperature of 10°C, sun, rain and rarely snow. Winter shoes and warm clothes are recommended.

Power supply
The standard current in Greece is 220 volts. Plugs are European standard with two round pins.

People & Life
Thessaloniki is a popular destination. You will certainly enjoy a pleasant and interesting stay in the city. People are friendly and happy to help with any questions. The atmosphere is unique during the day in the commercial and shopping centre, but especially during the evening, in the wide variety of bars, restaurants and theatres for entertainment. Thessaloniki is renowned for its unique location, along the Thermaikos Gulf, its sunsets, its long history, its monuments and museums as well as its distinguished cuisine.

Shopping in Thessaloniki
The city centre is one of the most popular shopping areas in Thessaloniki. Shopping malls and department stores are available both in the city centre as well as in other city districts. Some of the best – known shopping malls can be found in eastern Thessaloniki (Thessaloniki Airport Area) and are easily accessible by ring road (public transportation and taxis).

The commercial market of Thessaloniki (shops, boutiques, etc) operates as follows:
Monday / Wednesday / Saturday: 09:00 – 15:00
Tuesday / Thursday / Friday: 09:00 – 14:30 and 17:30 – 21:00

Shopping Malls and big department stores operate as follows:
Monday-Friday: 09:00 – 21:00
Saturday: 09:00 – 18:00 or 20:00


Banks in Thessaloniki

Greek and International banks can be found in the city centre and all popular districts of Thessaloniki. Most banks operate Monday-Friday 08:00 – 14:00. Some banks located in the city centre remain open until 19:00 hrs or operate for the public on Saturday morning (please contact your hotel reception for detailed information). All banks are closed on Sundays and Public Holidays. Currency exchange rates are clearly displayed in every bank that accepts currency exchange.


Usefull Websites


Discover Thessaloniki
10 Reasons to visit Thessaloniki

Find the best flight for you to Thessaloniki!
Thessaloniki airport arrivals and departures in real time

Archaeological Museum
Museum of Byzantine culture
State Museum of Contemporary Art
Museum of Photography
White Tower Museum

Weather in Thessaloniki

Information on Greece as a travel destination


Usefull Phones


Police 100
Tourist Police Station +30 2310554870 / 2310554871
Ambulance 166
Emergency Phone* 112
Phone book information 11888

*After a recorded message in English and Greek, an operator receives the call in English, French or Greek, puts the caller through to the necessary service, and assists with interpretation, if necessary


Contact Persons from ARTION PCO for Cedefop events

Please do not hesitate to communicate with us should you need any help or assistance before or during the Conference in any of the following mobile phones:
+30 6979551465, Mrs Vicky Giotopoulou, Delegates & Accommodation Manager
+30 6979229730, Mrs Zografia Theoharidou, Project Manager


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