Gamification for decision-makers dealing with early school leaving.


This policy learning mobile application targets decision-makers in education and training at several levels – national, regional, local or school level.


Date of creation of toolkit and periodicity of updates

October 2018, annual updates.

Purpose of the toolkit

This is a policy learning mobile application which helps to understand the different reasons and the complex question of leaving school without a qualification. It widens the decision-makers’ knowledge and sensitivity towards the risk of early school leaving with the help of gamification.

Description of each of the tools

The mobile application runs on Android mobiles and tablets. It consists of 9 modules of questions, data, benchmarks, terminology, case studies, and stories.

It gives an opportunity to check someone’s knowledge on their country’s early school leaving data, compare data with other countries, and test their knowledge on prevention and intervention tools.

It includes stories to raise awareness and provides links to other possible tools tackling early school leaving.

Type of indicators used in the identification of learners at risk of early leaving

The policy learning application builds on the result of the EU policy (CEDEFOP, Eurydice, ET2020 Working Groups) documents on early school leaving and helps you to identify possible indicators related to early school leaving and early warning systems.

Source of information of the different tools

Includer, the mobile application was developed within the ESLplus project.

The ESLplus project is implemented in the framework of the EC proposal "Key Action 3: Support for policy reform - Prospective initiatives, European Forward-Looking Cooperation Projects in the fields of education and training, and youth" (EACEA/33/2014) under the Erasmus+ Programme, which aims to support innovation in practices and policies across educational and youth sectors.

The application was developed by Expanzio Human Consulting within the ESLplus project.

The sources of the questions in the policy learning game are Eurostat and OECD data and EU literature (e.g. Tackling early leaving from education and training in Europe, 2014; Reducing early school leaving: key messages and policy support - Final report of the thematic working group on early school leaving, 2013; A whole school approach to tackling early school leaving, 2015).

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