This Europe-wide toolkit is inspired by successful VET practices and aims at helping policy makers, practitioners, and providers of support to young people not in employment, education, or training (NEETs) to design policies and implement practices that will better address the needs of NEETs, helping them to reintegrate into education or training and the labour market.

Why a VET Toolkit for empowering NEETs?

VET provides opportunities for young people to develop, enrich and upgrade their skills, and acquire qualifications. Better skills and qualifications increase young people’s employability and assist their social inclusion.

VET plays a major role in promoting innovation and productivity, addressing skills needs, preventing skills mismatch and enhancing youth employability. Such a role should be underlined in policies that effectively address the needs of NEETs, including outreach, personalised guidance, skills assessment, provision of tailored, flexible and quality learning, and recognition and validation of the skills acquired in both formal and informal settings.

Who can benefit from the VET toolkit for empowering NEETs?

Policy-makers and practitioners working in ministries, VET programmes designed for NEETs, companies, guidance centres, public employment services, social services or youth organisations, and providers of support to young NEETs looking for ways to:

  • identify and monitor NEETs;
  • intervene to bring them back to, education or training and/or employment and integrate them into the society;
  • learn and get inspired from related measures undertaken within a country, region, or institution.

What resources are available?

The toolkit provides resources of national and European or international initiatives:

  • evaluation plans for policy makers;
  • evaluation plans for providers of support to young NEETs;
  • good practices drawn from successful VET practices;
  • publications, statistics and data on NEETs in the EU member states;
  • tools developed as part of projects funded by the Erasmus+ programmes.

How to use this toolkit?

You can use the toolkit to:

  • promote reflection and dialogue among policy-makers and practitioners on the current strategies to integrate NEETs in education or training, the labour market and the society;
  • support decision-making processes through the development of action plans inspired by the toolkit guidance, tips and good practices.

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Irene Psifidou