Title Type of instrument Type of entry Level of operation Relevance Year of implementation
Grants under ESF Operational Programmes

Public and private organisations – depending on specific calls – can apply for the grant. The eligible education and training activities and the extent of financial support are defined in specific calls. Reimbursement of project expenses may range from 85% to 50% (depending also on the type of beneficiary organisation). De-minimis regulation is applied.

Grant for companies Single instrument National Key scheme 2015
Qualification agreement - payback clause

Employers and employees can agree on a payback clause in a 'Qualification agreement'. Thereby, the employee will work for the employer for an agreed period (no more than 5 years) after completing training to compensate the employer for the training expenses incurred. If employee decides to terminate the employment before the agreed period, he/she must reimburse costs of the training (up to 100%). If employee partly fulfilled his/her commitment to remain in employment for the duration of the agreed period, the amount to be repaid will be reduced proportionately. If the training undertaken by employee leads to 'deepening' (rather than upgrading) qualification, agreement may be concluded if the anticipated costs of training amount to at least EUR 1 700. The Labour Code stipulates minimum requirements. Modifications in favour of the employee are subject to negotiations between employee and employer, or to collective agreements.

Payback clause Single instrument National Key scheme 2001
Student Loan Fund

Adults can use the loan scheme introduced to support students who access higher education for the first time. Loans are provided by a public specialised institution (Fund for the Support of Education) which ensures loan guarantees and subsidises interest rate. The maximum amount of loan is EUR 2 500 for BA and MA students, and EUR 5 000 for PhD students. The repayment starts 2 months after the State final examination or after loss of student status. The loan should be repaid within 10 years.

Loan Single instrument National Key scheme 1995
Tax allowance for training and re-qualification of employees, and own training facilities

Companies can deduct the costs of education and retraining of their employees from their taxable profits.

Tax incentive for companies Single instrument National Key scheme 2003
The right to absence from work for educational purposes

Employees may be granted time off work in order to participate in education/training leading to upgrading or deepening their qualifications. If education/training undertaken leads to increase of qualifications in line with employer's needs, employer may grant employee paid training leave. If education/training undertaken leads to deepening qualifications, employee should receive salary while on training.

Training leave Single instrument National Key scheme 2001