Reference year 2019

    Understanding of apprenticeships in the national context

    Q2. Is there an official definition of ‘apprenticeship’ or ‘apprentice’ in your country?

    Apprenticeship is broadly defined in Act on Crafts (127/2019) as a way of implementation of vocational part of the vocational curriculum of craft occupations. Through apprenticeship, students acquire the appropriate learning outcomes prescribed by the vocational curriculum, develop independence and a collaborative relationships and gain relevant work experience in a particular profession.

    See more details in Q5.

    Q3. At which level do apprenticeship schemes exist in your country?
    At upper secondary level
    At post-secondary (not tertiary)
    At tertiary level
    At sectoral level

    The scheme Jedinstveni model obrazovanja (Unified Model of Education, UME)

    Q4. How well-established are apprenticeship schemes in your country?
    A long history (before 2000)
    A recent history (in 2000s)
    Pilot scheme

    The apprenticeship scheme of the Unified Model of Education introduced in is in place since the school year 2004/2005. Apprenticeship under this scheme is available for 61 craft occupations. However, prior to that, there were programmes in dual system of education which were implemented since the school year 1995/1996, but were replaced by UME due to the complexity of the dual system.

    Q5. Relevant information that is essential to understanding the specificity of apprenticeships in the country and which does not fit under the scheme specific sections below.

    In the Croatian education system, there was always a school-based model with compulsory work-based learning either at company or in school workshop. Aside from that, the other models were:

    - from 1995/1996 until 2003 dual education

    - from 2004/2005 unified model of education for 61 occupations

    - from 2018/2019 – dual education – started as an experimental programme with new curricula.

    All of these can be considered “apprenticeship”.

    In the school year 2018/2019, the Ministry of Science and Education introduced the Experimental Programme “Dual Education", alongside existing school-based VET and the apprenticeship scheme Unified Model of Education. New programmes for this scheme were developed. A working group was set up to draft the Dual Education Act, which would regulate the organization and procedures in “dual education”, as existing laws and regulations do not cover this.