Conference Documents


Monday 7 December 2015 - Day 1
What do we (not) know about skill mismatch? - Pascaline Descy, Head of Department Skills & Labour Market, Cedefop
Robots and the future of work: Is technology destroying jobs and skills? - Richard Freeman, Harvard University and NBER
Tackling unemployment by preventing skill mismatch: recent public skill mismatch policies in the EU - Jasper van Loo, Cedefop
What works? A meta-analysis of recent active labour market programme evaluations - Jochen Kluve, Humboldt University and RWI
Tuesday 8 December 2015 - Day 2
Returns to education and skills: international evidence - Harry Anthony Patrinos, World Bank
Skill shortages or skill surpluses in the EU? Evidence from the Cedefop European skills and jobs survey - Konstantinos Pouliakas, Cedefop
Shortages of vocational skills: the role of new technology - James Bessen, School of Law, Boston University
Skill utilisation is skill formation: evidence from the Cedefop European skills and jobs survey - Giovanni Russo, Cedefop
Fostering innovation at the workplace Peter Totterdill, UK Work Organisation Network
Closing the Gap: The Fifth Element and Workplace Innovation


Case Studies

The view of public employment services
Active Life programme (PT) Ana Filipe, Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional
Competency-based matching (BE) Tine Vervoort, VDAB, Belgium
Bilans de compétences Tomas Sprlak, FECBOP – CIBC
Skill needs assessment and anticipation in companies and sectors
Skills for value chain Hélène Guiol, Unesco
Bulgarian Competence Assessment System Vanya Kirova, Bulgarian Industrial Association
Training in accordance with Labour Market Needs - SKODA AUTO Alexandra Králíková, ŠKODA Akademie, CZ
Build Up Skills / UPSWING Antonis Aggelakis, Greek Confederation of SMEs
Matching skills: the role of VET providers
Role of VET providers_ETF Eduarda Castel-Branco, ETF
Digitally Literate Employees: ECDL Foundation perspective Austeja Trinkunaite, ECDL Foundation
The European Teaching Factory Paradigm George Chryssolouris, University of Patras, EL
From a non-skilled to a skilled workforce Norwegian association of adult learning, VOFO/NAAL
Experience from the workplace
Addressing decent work_India_ILO Paul Comyn, ILO
Securing a Skilled Workforce in SMEs "KOFA" Regina Flake, Cologne Institute for Economic Research, DE
Spreading the culture of innovation in SMEs Gabriella Bettiol, Confindustria Veneto SIAV SpA, IT
Aldaketa Sortzen - Creating change_Poster Maider Martin, Ederfil Becker, ES

VET skills teachers_SI_Poster - Simon Ogrizek, Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia