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Cedefop's network of experts on skills analysis and forecasting

Skillsnet network welcomes researchers and experts active in early identification of skill needs and forecasting or in the transfer of research results on future skill requirements into policy and practice. Skillsnet members are involved in Cedefop activities related to identification of skill needs (forecasting, company and job surveys, sectoral analysis, governance, mismatch) and receive privileged access to information.

Skillsnet is coordinated by Cedefop and was formally established in 2004. It brings together highly qualified researchers and other experts from across the world to present and discuss outcomes and methods of research and analysis on new and changing skill needs as well as medium to longer term prospects of skills available in the labour market.

The network provides a forum for generation of new activities and projects in the early identification of skill needs by bringing in a multidisciplinary cross country perspective. The outcomes of research are discussed with policy makers, practitioners, training organisations, employment services, social partners and others working on the identification of skill needs for their transfer into education and training policy and practice.

All members can benefit from systematic and privileged access to information and support one another in disseminating results of their activities. Registered Skillsnet members can access documentation concerning the network and the different skills projects through the members area here.

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