Forecasting skill demand and supply

Welcome to Cedefop’s online platform which provides you with the detailed data and results of the latest medium-term forecasts of skill supply and demand in Europe. The presented data were published in March 2014 and are based on Eurostat population projections Europop 2010 as well as on macroeconomic forecasts developed by DG ECFIN as available in the time of development of results. Eurostat has recently published new population projection Europop 2013 which introduced significant differences to current labour supply estimates. Cedefop is currently working on the evaluation of possible impacts of the new population projections on the skills forecasting results and will produce anew forecast early 2015. More information can be obtained from . Forecast data and results are intended to provide general indications of patterns and trends in skill supply and demand (measured by occupation and qualification) across the whole of Europe. They are based on high level quantitative methodology, using a combination of National Accounts, European Labour Force Survey and other relevant data. More information on the methodology is available here.