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Cedefop and Eurofound are sharing expertise and resources to carry out the next European Company Survey. The survey will explore the strategies deployed by companies to meet their skill needs, through recruitment, HR development practices and work organisation. In this context, special emphasis will be put on the impact of digitalisation.

This 4th European Company Survey will ensure continuity with core issues that have been explored previously by Eurofound. However, this wave will be informed by findings and expertise of Cedefop stemming from earlier projects:

  • Cedefop pilot survey on skills obsolescence, which showed the importance of the key role of organisations for workers’ ability to keep their skills up to date
  • Cedefop European Skills and Jobs Survey that showed the key role of workplace organisation in the way skills are utilized. Job tasks affects the extent to which workers draw on their skills and the adoption of a complex job design, including challenging duties, can lead to skill development.
  • Third, the survey questionnaire also borrows from the ongoing Cedefop analysis of eight qualitative case studies on learning strategies in successful companies from the project on learning cultures in organizations.

Survey preparation has started and field work will take place at the end 2018 / beginning 2019. First results will be published end 2019.

Project contacts

Giovanni Russo
Ioannis Katsikis
Assistant Researcher

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