IMPORTANT NOTE: The digital skills indicator methodology has been changed substantially in 2021, to reflect the Digital Competence Framework 2.0. As a consequence, 2021 is the beginning of a new time series and it is no longer possible to compare it to data published in previous years. The digital skills use provides an indicator (i) for all individuals (essentially a measure of potential digital skills supply); (ii) for individuals aged 25-34 years (a measure of new skills supply); and (iii) all in employment (employed, self-employed and family workers). Data for the digital skills indicator are derived from the European Union Survey on ICT Usage in Households and by Individuals which gauges individual's digital skill capabilities in five domains: (i) information (e.g. moving and copying files); (ii) communication (e.g. sending and receiving emails); (iii) problem solving (e.g. installing software); (iv) software (e.g. using software to edit photos, videos, or files) and (v) safety (managing access to one's personal data or prevent or limit use of cookies).