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Online tools of BiWi

Employed looking for a career change
Higher education students
School Students/Parents
Verein für Vernetzung, Forschung und Wissenstsransfer zur Förderung gesellschaftlicher Teilhabe
Improving educational/ occupational guidance processes
Civil Society

Stakeholders have a crucial role in the operation of the initiative.

Facilitation of transition from school education to career selection
Improve matching between skills and jobs
Improvement of guidance/ employment services
Promote self-assessment
Tackling unemployment

Services offered to young people:

  • Career Guidance Information;
  • Personal Discussion on Career Information;
  • Application Training;
  • Orientation Checks;
  • Occupation Tasting;
  • Career Guidance Brochures.

Services to companies: Support for apprentice selection and Image building of professions and industries.

BiWi supports teachers by: Industry Presentations and class visits to the premises of BiWi.

For parents and guardians, BiWi organises dedicated parents' evenings.

Access to Lifelong Guidance Services
Assuring the quality of Lifelong Guidance Provision
Career Management Skills
ICT in Lifelong Guidance
Improving careers information
Raising the skills and qualifications of adults
Raising the skills and qualifications of young people
Training and Qualifications of Guidance Practitioners
Blended counselling
Occupational information
Personalised educational advice
Real time LMI

The LMI integrated in the online tools of BiWi includes:

(a) information on examples of professions and companies, labour market statistics and trends;

(b) information on occupations through films with professionals describing their daily routine;

(c) essential information for job applications with CV examples and tips for interviews;

(d) information on the available apprenticeships’ positions;

(e) information on the Austrian education system and involved establishments.

Combination with offline elements
Interactive online tools
Online counselling
Personalised information storage

There are three external IT companies supporting the technical work of BiWi and maintaining all its webpages. BiWi employees have editorial rights only for the content of their in-house website.

Inside the BiWi premises there are 28 computers that can be used from visitors to access information, which is only available there.

Quantitative: in 2015, more than 10 000 students visited BiWi during class visits, while it helped more than 21 863 young people to get a “taste” of various occupations and work places. Additionally, 1 520 parents participated in parents' evenings and 591 teachers participated in conferences.

Qualitative outcomes: fast response to changing conditions/situations due to agile information gathering/ provision by crowd sourcing approach as well as relevance/ fit-for-purpose of information/feedback due to bottom-up approach.

Evaluation process: no official process. BiWi is open for feedback and gathers it in a rather informal way, mainly through discussions with teachers that visit BiWi with their classes.

  • Highly qualified employees with solid scientific background and expertise and open mind set, as well highly motivated advisers;
  • Mouth-to-mouth marketing of the BiWi services;
  • Excellent cooperation with the Chamber and political support from the president of the Chamber;
  • Provision of the right offers specialised to the needs of the target groups.

Lack of properly adjusted material and information for the career guidance of older adults.

Limited personnel in accordance with the increasing demand for career guidance and information services.

The activities of BiWi are highly depended on the labour market information and material provided by companies.

Limited number of Industry Presentations.

Services are restricted to the users of the province Vienna.

Transferability elements

The development of BiWi is the personal act and idea of BiWi's former director, who was the initiator of the idea of creating a platform that, could bring together employers with future candidates of the labour market.

Although there is not a specific policy framework stating the importance of ICT and LMI in frameworks for career training and guidance in Austria, the Annual Plan of the Viennese Economic Chamber for 2017 is a key document pointing out the role of ICT and LMI in the BiWi services in Vienna.

BiWi is financed through the Viennese Economic Chamber and has a yearly budget of over EUR 500 000 spending: • 65% on personnel costs; • 10% on IT and online services and operational and maintenance costs of IT infrastructures; and the rest for other running costs (rent, marketing, PR, etc.).

Career counsellors of BiWi have diverse educational backgrounds, are well-aware of the Austrian education system and labour market and have good presentation skills. They are required to have in-depth knowledge of their profession; be team players and open-minded.

There are no special required skills for using the services at BiWi or uploading relevant content. Recently, an automated online tool for booking appointments with classes optimised the process.

The non-ICT elements of the practice include events, dedicated parents' evenings; and parent-teacher conferences.

Also, the Ministry of Education and Women’s Affairs and the Institute ‘Research and Development in VET’ are important partners in the work of BiWi providing useful material.