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Guidance Counsellors
School Students/Parents
Teachers/ Professors
Maison d’Orientation (National guidance centre Luxembourg)
Improving educational/ occupational guidance processes
Civil Society

The Governmental organisations SNJ, ADEM-OP, CPOS, CEDIES. Schools, teachers, youth workers serve as multiplicators of the platform. The business community is an informal stakeholder, as testimonial videos are recorded at their premises.

Facilitation of transition from school education to career selection
Improve matching between skills and jobs
Improvement of guidance/ employment services
Promote self-assessment
Raise awareness on guidance

Anelo is a one stop-shop serving as a comprehensive online source for teenagers and young adults, facing the transition from school education into occupational education and the world of work. It consists of:

  • extensive database of different professions and job profiles;
  • for uploading all documents relevant to job search;
  • for uploading certificates obtained;
  • for discovering one’s interests and strong characteristics, which might be helpful for the transition from school to work;
  • relevant information on job interviews;
  • online ‘game’, where different jobs are presented and people can discover their interests and strong characteristics.
Access to Lifelong Guidance Services
Career Management Skills
ICT in Lifelong Guidance
Improving careers information
Raising the skills and qualifications of young people
Training and Qualifications of Guidance Practitioners
Blended counselling
Innovative user profiling
Occupational information
  • Tool contains a large amount of LMI as it provides descriptions of a large set of professions;
  • Three different organisations are responsible for the collection of up-to-date information of different jobs and educational requirements;
  • also provides a general link to the public employment service ADEM that contains a large amount of LMI.

Interactive online tools
Online counselling
Online wiki
Open source
Personalised information storage
  • Serves as a comprehensive online resource;
  • Support is provided in terms of both, textual online content and multimedia content;
  • An extensive occupational video data base is featured;
  • Self-assessment of personal interests and skills, including so called soft skills, is facilitated by a dedicated online tool;
  • A further tool – supports the user in preparing, conducting and following-up job interviews; Gamification elements are included in terms of a dedicated online game;
  • Upon registration, a further tool supports the user in organising certificates already received;
  • The e-portfolio can be used for developing and maintaining a personal online portfolio, including official documents and other documentations of personal strengths and capabilities.

In numbers, in 2015 visits amounted to around 74 568, with the vast majority being for (32 155 visitors), and Berufer (31 711).

There are no qualitative results of evaluations of available, as no official evaluations have been performed to assess the impact of the services on career choices, career skills or the empowerment of users. Only anecdotal evidence exists on the impact of on career choices and career skills, according to the experience of career counsellors and youth workers, who consider that the platform succeeds quite well in achieving these goals.

Evaluation process: the different tools are presented to a small group of potential users for evaluation prior to their launch.

  • Motivation of stakeholders to keep the platform up-to-date and reliable;
  • One stop shop for youngster in search of information and tools provision to upgrade their skills;
  • User friendliness and appealing layout

Qualitative continuous updating.

Practical barriers with accounts, e.g. difficulties remembering personal password and settings.

Due to rapid technological change, some tools are not available on all processors or internet browsers.

Transferability elements

  • Lack of a one-stop shop with job information;
  • Financial crisis in 2008 which led to a substantial increase of jobless young people that induced the call for improved guidance services. is developed partly by funding of the European Social Fund (50%) and partly with public money (50%). 

Regarding the maintenance and keeping the information up-to-date on, each department is responsible for its own work field:

As policy reforms and school reforms have implications for the information provided on, continuous updating is necessary in order to keep the platform reliable and up-to-date. The updating of the information remains the responsibility of each organisation.

  • is a stand-alone website containing several links to the different tools of;
  • These different platforms are secured as they are only accessible by a unique personal password, in combination with an e-mail address;
  • Specific software is developed by external specialised companies, in collaboration with graphical design firms.

No specific non-ICT elements are needed for the usage of