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Skills-OVATE: Skills Online Vacancy Analysis Tool for Europe

Brexit Disclaimer
This website as well as the publications and online tools accessible via this website may contain UK data and analysis based on research conducted before the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union on 31 January 2020. EU averages or other statistical parameters including the UK reflect the situation in the European Union before 31 January 2020 and should not be considered as representative of the situation in the EU thereafter. Any data or information pertaining to the UK will be gradually phased out from Cedefop’s website, publications and online tools, as ongoing research projects with the United Kingdom’s participation are concluded. Data coming from UK were collected, processed and published before its withdrawal from the EU. Therefore, EU averages contain UK related data up to 2019.

Welcome to Skills-OVATE: Online Vacancy Analysis Tool for Europe

Skills-OVATE offers detailed information on jobs and skills employers demand in online job vacancies. The tool presents data collected from July 2018 until March 2019 in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Finland, France, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Slovakia and the United Kingdom. Additional 10 European countries will be included by early 2020. Cedefop is also working on expanding the functionalities of the system.

In Skills-OVATE you can access information retrieved from millions of online job vacancies, coming from thousands of sources, including private job portals, public employment service portals, recruitment agencies, online newspapers and employer websites.

We would like to thank all those portals and websites that agreed to allow the collection data from their site, especially those who allowed us to use APIs.

About classifications

Skills-OVATE provides information on occupations, skills and regions based on established international classifications: ISCO-08 for occupations, NUTS-2 for regions, ESCO version 1 for skills and NACE rev. 2 for sectors.

Important: Please note!

Cedefop has developed information in Skills-OVATE using a robust methodology. The underlying online job vacancy data are already of high quality, but they need more work to clean and classify them. More analysis and testing are also necessary for Skills-OVATE to provide sound evidence to inform policy developments. For more information about the nature of the data and methodology used to extract information from vacancies, please read this publication, or consult the FAQs.

Please use the findings as indicative. Skills-OVATE’s aims at this stage to show the data’s potential and provide information to help interpret labour market developments. Cedefop does not assume any responsibility for policy decisions based on information presented in the tool.

Data visualisation is powered by Tableau public. By using the tool you agree with general policies of Tableau.

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