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Financing adult learning database

Brexit Disclaimer
This website as well as the publications and online tools accessible via this website may contain UK data and analysis based on research conducted before the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union on 31 January 2020. EU averages or other statistical parameters including the UK reflect the situation in the European Union before 31 January 2020 and should not be considered as representative of the situation in the EU thereafter. Any data or information pertaining to the UK will be gradually phased out from Cedefop’s website, publications and online tools, as ongoing research projects with the United Kingdom’s participation are concluded. Data coming from UK were collected, processed and published before its withdrawal from the EU. Therefore, EU averages contain UK related data up to 2018.


Cedefop’s database on financing adult learning provides information on the design and performance of cost-sharing schemes implemented in EU countries to increase participation and private investment in adult learning.

Countries covered: EU Member States.

Types of instruments: training funds, tax incentives, grants (including vouchers/individual learning accounts), loans, training leave, payback clauses (see glossary and instrument-specific sections).

Reference period: 2014 – mid 2015. The database may include schemes which are no longer in place but operated for some time in the reference period. You also can visit the previous (archived) version of the database having a reference period of 2010-2013.

Sources of funding: the database covers the schemes where at least two parties contribute to the costs (governments - including EU funding, companies/employers and individuals/employees).

Eligible group: those aged 25 and above.

Types of education and training: formal and non-formal education and training for adults.

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