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European skills forecasting: work in progress
  • Towards regular European skills forecasting: focus on skill supply results
  • Alena Zukersteinova, Cedefop and Rob Wilson, IER - Institute for Employment Research, University of Warwick, UK (abstract) (presentation)

Skills anticipation in a wider context: current challenges (panel discussion)
  • Education and the crisis: skills for recovery
  • Dirk Van Damme, OECD (abstract) (presentation)
  • Skill needs in the context of globalisation and technological change
  • Maarten Goos, University of Leuven, Belgium (abstract) (presentation)
  • Just transition in unjust times: challenges of today, skills for tomorrow
  • Olga Strietska-Ilina, ILO (abstract) (presentation)
  • Skills for green jobs
  • Peter Szovics, Cedefop (abstract) (presentation)
  • Crisis as opportunity: from reconstruction to transformation
  • Riel Miller, xperidox: futures consulting, France (abstract) (presentation)

Parallel sessions I

Working group I.1: Forecasting skills supply and demand (outline) (report) (report slides)
  • Regular forecasts of skills supply and demand in Europe
  • Ben Gardiner, Cambridge Econometrics, United Kingdom (abstract) (presentation)
  • Forecasts and potential labour market imbalances
  • Ben Kriechel, ROA – Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market, the Netherlands (abstract) (presentation)
Working group I.2: Employers’ surveys on skill needs (outline) (report) (report slides) Working group I.3: Partnership for skills and employment: education, training and enterprises working together (outline) (report) (report slides)
  • EUE-Net: Universities and enterprises working together for skills and employment
  • Doru Talaba, University Transilvania of Braşov, Romania (abstract) (presentation)
  • Education Intelligence - lessons learnt and further actions
  • Marita Aho, Confederation of Finnish Industries, Finland (abstract) (presentation)

Parallel sessions II

Working group II.1: Skill mismatch (outline) (report) (report slides)
  • Addressing skill mismatch in difficult times
  • Peter Sloane, University of Melbourne, Australia (abstract) (presentation)
  • Job polarisation in Europe: the roles of technology and globalisation
  • Maarten Goos and Anna Salomons, University of Leuven, Belgium (abstract) (presentation)
Working group II.2: Skill needs in sectors (outline) (report) (report slides) Working group II.3: Partnership for skills and employment: best practices of partnerships at national and regional level (outline) (report) (report slides)
  • Forecast and national policy making: Czech experience
  • Vera Czesaná and Jiri Branka, National Training Fund, National Observatory of Employment & Training, Czech Republic (abstract) (presentation)
  • The role of  regional observatories in France to anticipate and match skills and jobs
  • Christine Bruniaux, Observatoire régional de l'emploi et de la formation, France (abstract) (presentation)

Access to recorded videos

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