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Status Title Reference Type Closing date
Completed Ex-ante publicity noticeProvision of media monitoring services NP/DCM/MWI-COROM/Media_monitoring/012/17 Call for tenders 01/11/2017
Evaluation underway Translation servicesAO/DCM/MTA/Translation services/009/17 AO/DCM/MTA/Translation services/009/17 Call for tenders 02/10/2017
Evaluation underway VET for labour market integration and social inclusionAO/DLE/IPS/VETforLM&SI/008/17 AO/DLE/IPS/VETforLM&SI/008/17 Call for tenders
Extension date and time
Evaluation underway Key competences in vocational education and training AO/DSI/DKULSS/Key competences in VET/011/17 AO/DSI/DKULSS/Key competences in VET/011/17 Call for tenders 28/09/2017
Completed Provision of Heating Oil for the Cedefop buildingAO/DRS/KZIOG/HeatingOil/004/17 AO/DRS/KZIOG/HeatingOil/004/17 Call for tenders 27/09/2017
Evaluation underway Skills formation and skills matching in online platform work: Practices and policies for promoting crowd workers’ continuing learning AO/DSL/KPOUL/platform-skills/012/17 AO/DSL/KPOUL/platform-skills/012/17 Call for tenders 27/09/2017
Evaluation underway Comparing Vocational Education and Training Qualifications: towards a European Comparative MethodologyAO/DSI/JB/Comparing_VET_Qualifications/010/17 AO/DSI/JB/Comparing_VET_Qualifications/010/17 Call for tenders 15/09/2017
Evaluation underway ICT Support Services II AO/DRS/SAN/ICTSS-II/006/17 AO/DRS/SAN/ICTSS-II/006/17 Call for tenders 12/09/2017
Evaluation underway Complementary pathways for adult refugees: the role of VET, skills and qualificationsAO/DLE/RCDCR/adult refugees and VET/007/17 AO/DLE/RCDCR/adult refugees and VET/007/17 Call for tenders 08/09/2017
Evaluation underway The potential of work-based learning in developing Upskilling Pathways for adultsAO/DLE/LSALVA/WBLinUpskillingPathways/005/17 AO/DLE/LSALVA/WBLinUpskillingPathways/005/17 Call for tenders 07/09/2017
Evaluation underway Validation of non-formal and informal learning and career guidance AO/DLE/EVGAR-PMD/Validation&Guidance/003/17 AO/DLE/EVGAR-PMD/Validation&Guidance/003/17 Call for tenders 05/09/2017
Completed Annual subscriptions to electronic resourcesAO/DCM/MWI-COROM/electronic resources/001/17 AO/DCM/MWI-COROM/electronic resources/001/17 Call for tenders 16/06/2017
Evaluation underway Preparation and implementation of the 4th European company survey (ECS)Competitive procedure with negotiation ref. 161016/4301 Competitive procedure with negotiation ref. 161016/4301 Call for tenders 16/06/2017
Completed ICT Services Database administrationAO/DRS/TME/DB-ADMIN/002/17 AO/DRS/TME/DB-ADMIN/002/17 Call for tenders 12/05/2017
Completed Provision of Gardening Services for Cedefop premisesNP/DRS/ASAIN/GardeningServices/005/17 NP/DRS/ASAIN/GardeningServices/005/17 Call for tenders 03/05/2017
Completed Accountancy servicesNP/DRS/KD/Accountancy services/002/17 NP/DRS/KD/Accountancy services/002/17 Call for tenders 02/02/2017
Completed Provision of services by a professional conference organiserAO/DCM/CF/Professional conference organiser/020/16 AO/DCM/CF/Professional conference organiser/020/16 Call for tenders 31/01/2017
Completed Web Portal, development, support and maintenance services for the Cedefop official websiteAO/DCM/NT/WebPortalServices/018/16 AO/DCM/NT/WebPortalServices/018/16 Call for tenders 27/01/2017
Completed Additional support services for Cedefop’s restaurantRPP/DRS/DN/Additional support restaurant/002/16 RPP/DRS/DN/Additional support restaurant/002/16 Call for tenders 16/01/2017
Completed Interactive web and mobile applications - IWAMA AO/DRS/ASIA/IWAMA/017/16 AO/DRS/ASIA/IWAMA/017/16 Call for tenders 21/12/2016


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