Skillsnet network welcomes researchers and experts active in early identification of skill needs and forecasting or in the transfer of research results on future skill requirements into policy and practice. Skillsnet members are involved in Cedefop activities related to identification of skill needs (forecasting, employer surveys, sectoral analysis) and receive privileged access to information. [more]

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Cedefop’s latest skill supply and demand forecast is now available (01/04/2014) new
Employment in the EU is projected to grow by about 2% over the period 2013-2020 but the (EU’s) target of 75% of people aged 20 to 64 being in a job by 2020 looks beyond reach.
Public consultation on a European area of skills and qualifications (01/04/2014) new

Past Events

Trends and skill needs in the tourism sector (17/05/2004)
29/04/2004 to 30/04/2004 Halle, Germany
Employers surveys as a tool for identification of skill needs (14/04/2008)
22/05/2008 to 23/05/2008 OECD, Paris, France
Future skill needs in health care (19/03/2008)
22/05/2008 to 23/05/2008 Cedefop, Thessaloniki, Greece
Future skill needs for the green economy (20/08/2008)
06/10/2008 to 07/10/2008 Cedefop, Thessaloniki, Greece
Medium-term forecast of skills supply in Europe: final results (22/10/2008)
11/12/2008 to 12/12/2008 St Catharine's College, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Pilot European employer survey on skill needs (16/03/2010)
29/04/2010 to 30/04/2010 Prague, Czech Republic
Skills for green jobs - technical validation workshop (30/03/2010)
17/05/2010 to 18/05/2010 International Labour Organisation, Geneva, Switzerland
Forecasting skill supply and demand in Europe (03/05/2010)
14/06/2010 to 15/06/2010 Cedefop, Greece
Forecasting skill supply and demand in Europe: new scenarios and better tools (15/09/2010)
25/10/2010 to 26/10/2010 Bratislava, Slovakia
Pilot employer survey on skill needs in Europe (13/10/2010)
29/11/2010 to 30/11/2010 Cedefop, Thessaloniki, Greece
Euroskills Lisboa 2010 (02/11/2010)
09/12/2010 to 12/12/2010 Lisbon, Portugal
Building on the skills forecasts: comparing methods and applications (08/11/2010)
17/02/2011 to 18/02/2011 Cedefop, Thessaloniki, Greece
Expert conference on skills demand and supply forecasting - Call for papers (01/11/2010)
17/02/2011 to 18/02/2011 Cedefop, Thessaloniki, Greece
Conference on Talent Support and First European Talent Day (31/03/2011)
06/04/2011 to 09/04/2011 Budapest, Hungary
Catch the Train: Skills, Education and Jobs (06/06/2011)
20/06/2011 to 21/06/2011 Brussels, Belgium
Green skills and environmental awareness in VET (18/07/2011)
05/10/2011 to 05/10/2011 London, United Kingdom
World Skills London 2011 (10/08/2011)
05/10/2011 to 08/10/2011 London, United Kingdom
Forecasting skill supply and demand in Europe: (06/06/2011)
06/10/2011 to 07/10/2011 Athens, Greece
Pilot employer survey on skill needs in Europe: (06/06/2011)
20/10/2011 to 21/10/2011 Institute of Banking Education NBS, n.o. , Slovakia
Skills anticipation and matching: common and complementary research strategies (22/06/2011)
14/11/2011 to 15/11/2011 Athens, Greece
Second International BIBB/IAB Workshop on T.A.S.K.S. (Technology, Assets, Skills, Knowledge, Specialisation) (04/08/2011)
17/01/2012 to 18/01/2012 Bonn, Germany
Skills for a low carbon economy: what next? (12/12/2011)
27/02/2012 to 27/02/2012 OECD, Paris, France
Skills for the future: announcing the results of the latest forecast (02/03/2012)
22/03/2012 to 22/03/2012 Brussels, Belgium
e-Skills Week 2012 (23/01/2012)
26/03/2012 to 30/03/2012 Different cities, Europe
Greening TVET and skills development (15/05/2012)
10/04/2012 to 11/04/2012 Bonn, Germany
Skills for a low carbon Europe: the role of VET in a sustainable energy scenario (27/03/2012)
26/04/2012 to 26/04/2012 Brussels, Belgium
Skills mismatch and firm dynamics (12/12/2011)
27/04/2012 to 27/04/2012 London, United Kingdom
Conference on new qualifications for new jobs
Conference on new qualifications for new jobs (17/01/2012)
09/05/2012 to 11/05/2012 Copenhagen, Denmark
Forecasting skill supply and demand in Europe (09/02/2012)
10/05/2012 to 11/05/2012 Venice, Italy
Pilot employer survey on skill needs in Europe: focus group to review the first results (06/04/2012)
24/05/2012 to 25/05/2012 Brussels, Belgium
European Business Forum on Vocational Training
European Business Forum on Vocational Training (22/05/2012)
07/06/2012 to 08/06/2012 Brussels, Belgium
Cedefop's skills obsolescence and skill mismatch survey (22/05/2012)
13/06/2012 to 13/06/2012 Brussels, Belgium
Cedefop's skill mismatch and skill obsolescence survey (25/10/2012)
27/11/2012 to 27/11/2012 Paris, France
Europe 2020 Conference - Agenda for new skills and jobs (22/01/2013)
28/02/2013 to 01/03/2013 Dublin, Ireland
Filling the gaps: e-Skills & Education for Digital Jobs (07/02/2013)
04/03/2013 to 05/03/2013 Brussels, Belgium
A short-term Sector-Based Anticipatory System for labour market trends (14/02/2013)
18/04/2013 to 18/04/2013 Brussels, Belgium
Senior entrepreneurs and youth employment conference (28/05/2013)
30/05/2013 to 30/05/2013 Brussels, Belgium
Mutual Learning Programme: Thematic event on pathways to green jobs (31/05/2013)
26/06/2013 to 26/06/2013 Brussels, Belgium
WorldSkills Leipzig 2013: Our youth - our future (20/06/2013)
01/07/2013 to 06/07/2013 Leipzig, Germany
Guides to skills anticipation and matching - Cedefop-ILO-ETF expert seminar (15/05/2013)
04/07/2013 to 05/07/2013 Cedefop, Thessaloniki, Greece
Meeting of the Education Committee (03/07/2013)
15/07/2013 to 16/07/2013 Vilnius, Lithuania
2013 ATEE Annual Conference - Educating for the future (21/06/2013)
22/08/2013 to 25/08/2013 Halden, Norway
Forecasting skill supply and demand in Europe: Expert seminar on methodology and new ideas (18/07/2013)
03/10/2013 to 03/10/2013 Cedefop, Thessaloniki, Greece
Forecasting skill supply and demand in Europe: 2013 validation workshop (16/07/2013)
04/10/2013 to 04/10/2013 Cedefop, Thessaloniki, Greece
22nd Annual European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Traning (EfVET) Conference (20/06/2013)
23/10/2013 to 26/10/2013 Athens, Greece
OECD LEED - Cedefop Green skills forum 2014 (07/11/2013)
14/02/2014 to 14/02/2014 Paris, France
Employer survey on skill needs in Europe: Survey instrument and sampling design (10/12/2013)
24/02/2014 to 25/02/2014 Cedefop, Greece
Validation Seminar on Methodological Guides for Skills Anticipation and Matching - Cedefop-ILO-ETF expert seminar (20/02/2014)
06/03/2014 to 07/03/2014 Prague, Czech Republic

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