The 2022 (virtual) ReferNet partnership forum will take place on 5, 6 and 7 April.

The 3-day meeting will be an opportunity to intensify our cooperation with ReferNet, our European network of expertise, which will celebrate its 20th anniversary during its plenary meeting on 9-10 and 11 November.

Information will be delivered by Cedefop experts on upcoming deliverables: survey on measuring and monitoring early leaving from initial VET in Europe, and updating the Mobility Scoreboard.

A peer-learning session on five ‘hot’ topics will be held by ReferNet partners, with the active contribution of ibw Austria, the Ministry of Education and Research (Estonia), France Inffo, BIBB (Germany), INAPP (Italy), the Ministry of Education and Science (Latvia), INFPC (Luxembourg), DIKU (Norway), ibe (Poland), CNDIPT (Romania), ŠIOV (Slovakia) and Fundae (Spain):  

  • The role of VET in supporting refugees in the partner countries. National representatives and ReferNet members will exchange latest information on the situation in the respective countries, measures taken or considered, etc.
  • Recognition of foreign qualifications
  • Digital transition
  • Individual learning accounts
  • Report on labour shortages and surpluses in 2021 (European Labour Authority).

On the third day, volunteer working groups will work  on topics such as reflecting on the challenges for the next Framework Partnership Agreement (2024-27), renewing the ReferNet charter and preparing the 20th ReferNet anniversary.

Best wishes to all participants for a fruitful meeting.



The Slovenian Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities has reached out to Cedefop to seek expert advice with regards to setting up a Skills Forecasting system and to improve the governance of skills anticipation and matching in the country.

A first workshop was organised early 2021 where technical advice was given on how best to proceed with setting up a national system while particular emphasis was placed on the challenges of organising and implementing skills forecasts in a small country. A second meeting was organised towards the end of the year which mainly addressed two main themes. First was about managing expectations; what can be expected from long term skills forecasts and where are their limitations? How to see skills forecasts in the context of other tools? The second was about the governance of skills anticipation and matching; how to ensure trust? what is the role of partners and stakeholders? how to ensure results feed into policy making? The third workshop, which concluded the support to Slovenia took place on July 4th. The main focus was to engage in discussions on how to best integrate skills anticipation into the labour market platform currently in development and strengthen skills governance.


Cedefop is involved in the organisation of the 4th Validation of Prior Learning (VPL) Biennale that will take place on 19 and 20 May 2022 in Iceland with The Education and Training Service Centre (ETSC) as host.

This year’s focus is on validation in different contexts and pathways of work and life. The Biennale is an international conference in which leading experts in the field of validation of non-formal and informal learning come together to share knowledge, ideas and views on validation, learning from one another’s experiences and creating viable solutions.

This year the conference focuses on How can validation processes become an integral part of policies and services to support lifelong learning? 

The main themes will be:

  • Validation and working life
  • Validation and education/training
  • Validation and social sustainability
  • Validation and personal development

This question is at the centre of the current European policy priorities, in which validation plays a crucial role as a supporting element for lifelong learning. The 4th VPL Biennale constitutes an important event for the consolidation of the community of practice on validation feeding into the different Cedefop’s activities in the area. 

More information on the event and registration is available here