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Skills supply and demand in Europe Methodological framework

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 Cedefop's medium-term skills forecasts have proven very popular. But how does the skills project approach the topic and draw conclusions?   
This publication provides an overview of the methods underpinning the project. Cedefop’s forecast is not intended to replace forecasting efforts in individual countries, but to share the knowledge acquired during the development of different systems and methods, and to highlight the results. This shared knowledge can help to improve the methods used in each country and to resolve outstanding issues.
Cedefop’s forecast can also inspire new forecasting initiatives.

The feedback provided by countries can in turn help make the European forecast even more precise.  The more solid the method, the more reliable the results.

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Skills supply and demand in Europe
 (EPUB 10392.48 Kb DOI: 10.2801/85991 TI-BC-12-006-EN-E ISBN 978-92-896-1113-8 07/11/2012)
Skills supply and demand in Europe
 (PDF 2921.04 Kb DOI: 10.2801/85871 TI-BC-12-006-EN-N ISBN 978-92-896-1112-1 07/11/2012)

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