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RSS Feeds

What is RSS?

RSS stands for really simple syndication, which is a method of receiving and sending news and information (RSS feeds). You can subscribe to an RSS feed and have the latest news and information sent to your RSS reader program (‘RSS reader’), which will automatically alert you when there is newly submitted information for you to read.


How does the Cedefop website use RSS?

The Cedefop website provides news items such as highlights, press releases, forthcoming events and recently released documents. These items are available as RSS feeds so that your RSS reader will alert you when new items become available so that you do not have to check the Cedefop website yourself.
The Cedefop RSS feeds consist of regularly updated titles of news items along with links to the full versions.


Available RSS feeds

RSS feed for Cedefop Latest additions for all news types/subtypes

By subscribing to this really simple syndication (RSS) feed from Cedefop, advanced users can have new headlines and article previews delivered in an RSS reader or aggregator. RSS is convenient because you can subscribe to feeds from several sources and automatically aggregate headlines from all the sources into one list. You can quickly browse the list of new content without visiting each site to search for new information of interest.

For more information on subscribing to this feed and finding an aggregator, see about Cedefop’s rss feeds.

Cedefop provides a general feed that contains all news items and individual feeds divided into types and subtypes.

If you subscribe to a type, you will automatically be alerted to new submissions in the subtypes.

Whenever you see this image  it should provide a link to an RSS feed that you can subscribe to via your RSS reader.


How will RSS help you?

Several RSS feeds can be loaded into your RSS reader. The RSS reader will alert you when new content is available for any of your subscribed RSS feeds. This can save you from having to check multiple sites regularly to find out if there is new information available or if the newly added information is of any interest to you. When your RSS reader alerts you to new content, you choose whether you want to go to the site for more information.


How can I subscribe to an RSS feed?

Below are general instructions for subscribing to an RSS feed. For specific instructions and options, see your RSS reader’s help documentation.

1.       Click on a RSS feed link

2.       Copy the address (URL) of the feed from your browser’s address field

3.       Paste the address (URL) of the RSS file into your RSS reader

4.       Click Subscribe


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