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Qualifications: a key area of work for Cedefop
‘Through systematic research over many years, Cedefop has been analysing how qualifications are awarded and used across Europe and how they support the needs of individuals for lifelong learning, recognition and employability,’ the Centre’s Deputy Director told a European Training Foundation (ETF) conference on making better qualifications, at the European Parliament in Brussels.
Greener Skills and Jobs
Cedefop-OECD LEED publication
Cedefop’s latest skill supply and demand forecast is now available
Employment in the EU is projected to grow by about 2% over the period 2013-2020 but the (EU’s) target of 75% of people aged 20 to 64 being in a job by 2020 looks beyond reach.
Cedefop launches European Skills Survey (eu-SKILLS)
To find out more about the skills needed for jobs and how they are used, as well as about skill mismatch, Cedefop has started collecting data for the first European Skills Survey. Around 50,000 adult employees across all the European Union’s 28 Member States will be surveyed precisely to find out the extent of skill mismatch and how it can develop during someone’s career.
Skill mismatch: more than meets the eye
Skill deficits do not cause unemployment; Europe’s most talented workforce is being wasted, argues Cedefop's latest briefing note.
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