Cedefop, together with its CareersNet partners in EU Member States and beyond, has collected examples of lifelong guidance policies and practices that support the rights and opportunities of people with disabilities. This briefing note showcases some of these initiatives in EU Member States and beyond, and presents policy pointers for further action.
An estimated 87 million people with disabilities live in the European Union. The many barriers they encounter daily in a world lacking inclusive and accessibly designed services include limited access to education and training, career support and jobs fitting their interests and abilities. Across all EU Member States, in 2021, the employment gap between those with disabilities and those without was 23 percentage points. Few people with disabilities complete a tertiary degree. Those who are enrolled in vocational education and training (VET) are often referred to specific-needs institutions. Their participation in adult learning is below average, while their rate of early leaving or poor education outcomes is above.



Lifelong guidance for persons with disabilities