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Impact of COVID-19 on the use of Europass

Cedefop’s Europass team analysed the impact of COVID-19 on the activity of the Europass portal in March 2020, using the following indicators:

  • CVs generated online (March 2020 vs March 2019);
  • date of national lockdown in top 20 countries;
  • cases of COVID-19 per million inhabitants.

The infographics below provide interesting findings for the top 20 countries:

CV generated online - March 2020 vs March 2019

CVs generated online in March 2020 (all countries) decreased by 36.5% compared to March 2019.

The drop ranges from 9% (Hungary) to 51% (Italy).

Impact of lockdown - CVs generated before and after national confinement measures

The drop of CVs generated online after lockdown is impressive, especially in Portugal (-75%), Spain and Greece (-73%) and Italy (-72%).

Surprisingly, Hungary records an increase of 10% of CVs generated after the lockdown.

Correlation between number of COVID-19 cases and number of CVs generated

There is a significant drop in countries most severely affected by COVID-19 (Italy, France, Spain and Belgium).

This shows that job market is on hold, companies having massively stopped recruiting after the lockdown.


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About the countries listed

The analysis covers EU Member States, the UK, candidate countries, EEA/EFTA countries.

The UK and non-EU countries are listed because the Europass decision officially covers the UK and candidate countries.

The UK officially continues to participate in Europass, at least until the end of 2020. We continue to provide statistics on the UK on Cedefop’s Europass portal.