Cedefop launched the next stage of its skills governance review in Slovakia. Cedefop experts Vladimir Kvetan and Jasper van Loo presented the project to national stakeholders in Bratislava on 28 March.

The review can help Slovakia develop a medium-term policy roadmap for its skills anticipation and matching system.

Priority areas are: the improvement of the institutional framework; capacity building to develop tracer studies; and ensuring that the skills anticipation and matching system is future proof, i.e. that it can develop flexibly in response to changes.

Highlights from Cedefop’s analysis of the system currently in place include:

  • Available labour market and skills intelligence is not sufficiently disseminated to learners and career counsellors.
  • The skills anticipation system is not sufficiently stable. A lot of work is project-based limiting continuity. Stakeholders agree that the system should be based on a widely-accepted apolitical vision and strategy.
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises need to have more say in the system.

The review is steered by the Slovak Education Ministry and Cedefop but stakeholders decide the best way forward for the country.