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eLearning innovative practices, activities and competences

Workshop Papers

1. Training for Trainers for Apprenticeship Training with e-learning in Wifi  
Silvia Grillitsch, IBW, Institut fr Bildungsforschung der Wirtschaft (Institute for Research on Qualification and Training of the Austrian Economy), Austria

2. TC TeleCoach  
Thomas Putz, e-bfi telelearning GmbH, Austria

3. eLearning Portal@Austria: The innovative platform for education, science and culture in the knowledge society  
Dr. Robert Kristfl, bm:bwk, BMBWK, Bundesministerium fr Bildung, Wissenschaft und Kultur (Federal Ministry of education, science and culture), Austria 


3. Dr. Robert Kristφfl, Austria

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2. Thomas Putz, Austria

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1. Silvia Grillitsch

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