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Seminar on Social partners and sectoral training funds in Europe: Mobilising resources, sharing costs and responsibilities

The seminar on Social partners and sectoral training funds in Europe: Mobilising resources, sharing costs and responsibilities, Thessaloniki, 25-26 September 2008 will disseminate the results of Cedefop’s study on Sectoral training funds in Europe and discuss how STFs contribute to improving both the quantity and quality of training supply (public and private) - particularly how they align the training supply to sectoral situations and needs.

STFs have now been set up in several European countries, eight of which (STFs in Belgium, Denmark, Spain, France, Italy, Cyprus, the Netherlands and the UK) have been extensively investigated in the study.

The seminar also aims to exchange experiences about the governance, output measurement and evaluations of activities carried out by STFs, and to foster more qualitative and quantitative approach to collecting and analysing data on the performance of STFs (efficiency and equity measures, take up rates, deadweight loss, substitution effect). In this way, it will help improve the evidence base for policy-making at enterprise, sectoral, national and EU levels.

The peer-learning event is targeted at 30 representatives of STFs, social partners, policy makers, practitioners and researchers. Deadline for registration is 17 September 2008. Please note that only a limited number of places are available, which will be allocated on a first come - first serve basis.


Draft agenda

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Background note


Registration form

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Study on Sectoral training funds in Europe

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Fabio Grelli

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Focus groups: questions and reports

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Peter Szovics

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Inigo Isusi and Antonio Corral

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Luc Apers

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A. van der Leest

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Sveinn Adalsteinsson

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Pierre Simon

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George Panayides

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Tamas Kopeczi-Bocz

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Giovanna De Lucia

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Nigel Spencer

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Anders Vind

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Enrique Corral

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Conclusions: The way forward

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25/09/2008 till 26/09/2008
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Thessaloniki, Cedefop