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Knowledge sharing seminars

Every year, Cedefop organises knowledge sharing seminars for organisers of the upcoming study visits. The objective of these seminars is to inform organisers about recent developments in education and training in Europe and give them practical advice on what makes for a good quality study visits. It is also an opportunity for them to meet experienced organisers and to draw on their experience and knowledge about how to organise successful study visits. The organisers are nominated by the National Agencies.



2011 Knowledge sharing seminar                                

2010 Knowledge sharing seminar

2009 Knowledge sharing seminar

2008 Knowledge sharing seminar


Synthesis seminars

Synthesis seminars are organised to summarise, discuss and follow up on the outcomes of study visits of the previous year´s on specific topic(s). Seminars bring together the organisers and participants of the study visits, representatives of initiatives identified as examples of good practice during the visits, experts on the themes and representatives of the National Agencies. Participants are selected by Cedefop based on study visits reports or are nominated by the National Agencies.


Empowering vulnerable adults to tackle labour-market challenges
2012 Synthesis seminar 

Enhancing quality in schools and VET institutions
2011 Workshop

Quality and efficiency of education and training: Findings from study visits 2008/09
2010 Synthesis seminar

Preparing young people for a successful integration into the labour market: a challenge for Europe
2011 Synthesis seminar