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Call for application 2013/14


src=/assets/upload/study/2009Images/eligible.jpg  Check if you are eligible to participate

The Study visits programme is open to education and vocational training specialists and decision-makers. You are eligible if:

  • you are a national of or work or live in one of the countries participating in the LLP programme, namely the 27 EU Member States, Croatia, FYROM, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey;
  • you belong to any of the target groups described in article 18 of the programme announcement (see below);
  • you have not participated in a study visit since September 2011;
  • you have good command of the working language(s) of your chosen study visits.

You should also acquaint yourself with the application procedure and the closing date stipulated by your country’s National Agency.


 src=/assets/upload/study/2009Images/contact.jpg   Contact your National Agency

The National Agency in your country will inform you about the national rules, financial support, important dates, selection criteria; you may find this information on your National Agency’s website.

src=/assets/upload/study/2009Images/read.jpgConsult the programme documents

Programme announcement
The programme announcement describes the general framework of the programme, its thematic structure, the application and selection procedures, the target groups, the financial arrangements, important deadlines and other aspects.

  • Programme announcement:  src=/assets/upload/study/2009Images/langicon_de.gif   src=/assets/upload/study/2009Images/langicon_en.gif   src=/assets/upload/study/2009Images/langicon_es.gif   src=/assets/upload/study/2009Images/langicon_fr.gif   src=/assets/upload/study/2009Images/HU.gif           
  • Annex 1: Information on the distribution of grants per country: src=/assets/upload/study/2009Images/langicon_de.gif   src=/assets/upload/study/2009Images/langicon_en.gif   src=/assets/upload/study/2009Images/langicon_es.gif   src=/assets/upload/study/2009Images/langicon_fr.gif
  • Annex 2: Descriptions of thematic categories:    src=/assets/upload/study/2009Images/langicon_de.gif   src=/assets/upload/study/2009Images/langicon_en.gif   src=/assets/upload/study/2009Images/langicon_es.gif  src=/assets/upload/study/2009Images/langicon_fr.gif 

Search for a study visit in the catalogue

There are different ways to find a study visit of interest to you. You can:

  • download and browse the entire catalogue or read the short version, or
  • search for a visit in the online database. You can use various search criteria such as host country, theme, topic, type, dates and working language. You can also export your selected study visits.    


The call for applications for study visits scheduled between March and June 2014 is closed. Currently, the National Agencies of the participating countries are conducting the process of selection of candidates.

Candidates will be informed of the results of their application by their National Agency by January 2014.