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Why participate in a study visit?

As a learning professional, by taking part in a study visit you will be able to:

• exchange expertise with other learning professionals from across Europe;
• establish important new contacts at European level;
• learn about the latest trends in education and training systems in other European countries; and
• bring back home the insight and knowledge you acquired to disseminate it.

Already a participant?

The following were designed to help you prepare for your visit:

1. The Participant’s companion

This leaflet will help you to plan and and prepare for a fruitful and successful visit.
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2. Themes

The study visits programme is organised on the basis of specific themes and topics that reflect the latest policy developments in education and training in Europe.

You can obtain more information about European policies and practices in education and training from Cedefop’s bibliographical database.

3. Collaboration with National Agencies and Cedefop

Your country’s National Agency (NA) provides you with support before, during and after the visit. NAs also manage the grants available to their national organisations and individuals. Contact your National Agency for further information.

Cedefop provides you with technical support regarding the Study Visits Web site.

4. Group reports

Study visit participants are invited to prepare a group report at the end of their visit.
Download the template:  
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Once the report is complete, the rapporteur should e-mail it both to Cedefop and the visit organiser. Once we have received it, we will publish it on Cedefop’s Study Visits Web site so that other participants may benefit from your experience.

Previous group reports provide you with an overview of the participants’ perspective and the knowledge acquired during the visit. The reports are from visits that took place from 2008 onwards.