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Seminar outcomes: International seminar on measuring generic work skills using the Job Requirements Approach

Thessaloniki 12-13 February 2009

The aim of this international seminar, organised jointly by the OECD and Cedefop, was to make methods for measuring the use of generic work skills more widely known. The focus was on the Job Requirement Approach (JRA), which has been applied successfully in various countries. This approach is set to be included in the new international survey of adult skills, to be run as part of the OECDs Programme for International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC).

Measuring the type and level of an extensive range of generic skills used in jobs with the JRA, within an internationally comparative survey, is something entirely new. To makes sure this approach is feasible, a JRA pilot study was carried out in Australia, France, Greece and Korea.

Participants in the OECD-Cedefop seminar discussed the results of this path-breaking pilot study. They also reviewed other national experiences with the JRA method and discussed the relevance of its results for policy and research.

The seminar's presentations are available for download from the links below.


8. JRA's pilot survey Korea case - Soo-Young Lee

EN1.57 MB

10. UK skills survey - Francis Green

EN75.37 KB

7. A profile of US jobs from the STAMP survey - Michael J. Handel

EN588.9 KB

17. Relevance of measuring generic work skills - Maria Hrabinska

EN117.01 KB

16. The new skills for new jobs initiative - Robert Strauss

EN86.55 KB

15. Spanish matched employer_employee survey - Ferran Mane

EN138.47 KB

14. Portuguese pilot skills survey - Maria do Carmo Gomes

EN187.27 KB

13. German BIBB-BAuA surveys an FreQueNZ - Rohrbach

EN779.82 KB

12. Skills required in Italy - Fabio Roma

EN121.41 KB

11. Job polarisation in Europe - Maarten Goos

EN175.5 KB

9. Occupational Information Network - Michael J. Handel

EN346.54 KB

4. Findings from the JRA pilot survey in Australia - Ivan Neville

EN160.72 KB

3. Findings from the OECD's JRA pilot study - Francis Green

EN280.6 KB

2. Overview of OECD work on skills - Mark Keese

EN992.86 KB

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