The Ministry of Education and Culture has launched the 2020-22 programme for assessing the quality and equality of vocational education and training (VET) with a total budget of more than EUR 270 million. Boosting the resources of education and instruction is a central measure of the programme. In 2020, EUR 80 million was allocated to VET providers for recruiting teachers and instructors, and for support measures that are especially important in the exceptional circumstances caused by Covid-19. 

The three-year programme includes four sets of measures.

  • Improving learning outcomes and learning opportunities: strengthening the quality of VET.
    This set of measures includes increasing the amount of teaching, guidance and counselling, support for studying and improvement in quality; intensifying student counselling in transition phases; securing the quality of the process of individualisation and work-based learning and further developing the digital solutions which support them; developing the competences of teachers and workplace instructors.
  • Increasing wellbeing, a sense of community and participation.
    This set of measures includes strengthening the communal working culture; developing and disseminating cooperation models between youth work and VET institutions.
  • Advocating VET providers to reform their procedures and practices and supporting their management.
    This set of measures includes support to change management; further training for education institution management; support for the introduction of good practices and processes.
  • Improving the capacity of education providers to respond to changes in their operating environment.
    This set of measures includes further development of follow-up quality indicators, effectiveness and evaluation of operational preconditions; diversifying learning environments; strengthening the cooperation between VET institutions and general upper secondary schools and higher education institutions.

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Three-year plan for developing vocational education and training — EUR 80 million for recruiting teachers and instructors

Ammatillinen koulutus, laadun ja tasa-arvon kehittämisohjelma 2020-22 [Brochure Vocational training, quality and equality development program 2020-22]