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Presentations of the Agora Conference: New challenges for teachers and trainers in VET


Anne de Blignières - L' évolution des rôles des enseignants et formateurs dans le cadre européen

Michael Brater - Berufspdagoge fr die Aus-und Weiterbildung (IHK)

Claudio Dondi - Quality assurance and learning needs of VET teachers and trainers

Arduino Salatin - Standards of competences and professional developments of VET teachers and trainers. The case of Italy.

Ronald G. Sultana - Trends and Challenges, VET teachers and trainers in the NMS

Manfred Thieme - Berufliche Entwicklungsmglichkeiten von betrieblichen Ausbildern in Deutschland

Edwin Webb - Validation of informal/non-formal learning


Mara Brugia - The Training of Trainers Network - TTnet

Eleonora Schmid - VET teachers and trainers in the EU 17: similarities and differences

European Commission:

Peter Baur - Common European principles for teacher and trainer competences and qualifications


Peter Baur

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Eleonora Schmid

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Mara Brugia

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Edwin Webb

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Manfred Thieme

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Ronald G. Sultana

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Arduino Salatin

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Claudio Dondi

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Michael Brater

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Anne de Bligniers

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Berlin, 3 and 4 November 2005