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Forecasting skill supply and demand in Europe

Exploring alternative scenarios and developing better tools - workshop outcomes

Cedefop organised the ninth technical workshop on European skills forecasting, with the participation of experts from Skillsnet, Cedefop's international network on early identification of skill needs.

The aim of this workshop was to contribute to the improvement of the regular medium-term forecasts of skills supply and demand in Europe. Participants discussed the possible development of modelling tools and new scenarios using the methodology established so far.

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List of participants

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Year 2 work programme - Rob Wilson

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Model developments - Rob Wilson and Ben Kriechel

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Adjusting and extending the LFS data used for the projections - Terry Ward

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Developing a stock-flow model based on LFS data - Rob Wilson

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Qualitative scenarios for E&T policy makers - Tom Leney

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A proposal to improve the quality of the underlying database - Rob Wilson

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Developing alternative scenarios - Anthony Barker

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Human capital and skills - Ben Gardiner and Fabio Manca

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Migration - Simonas Gausas

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International comparisons of changing skill structures and projections - Martin Lepic

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Skill upgrading in Europe - Ben Kriechel

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Implications for generic skills and disciplines - Jan Koucky

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Evaluating the projections - Rob Wilson and Ben Kriechel

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Workshop minutes

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