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Council Conclusions on New Skills for New Jobs: anticipating and matching labour market and skills needs

The Council has adopted the Conclusions on New Skills for New Jobs and supports the following key policy messages:

  • upgrading skills at all levels and providing quality education for all is critically important for Europe's short-term recovery and longer-term growth and competitiveness;
  • ensuring a better long-term matching between the supply of skills and labour market demands;
  • attracting new investments and creating jobs with new skills and competences.
  • supporting the Member States in anticipating future skills needs for workers and employers in the EU through regularly updated projections of labour market trends and in the analysis of skills needs by sector, as well as in developing tools and services to address skills mismatches.
  • supporting the development of a coherent and comprehensive national lifelong learning strategy, including investment in education and training, is key for building future capacities.

The Council invites the Commission to develop the New Skills for New Jobs initiative by Establishing a regular assessment of long-term supply and skills needs, by harnessing existing resources and, in particular, Cedefop, Eurofound and European Training Foundation expertise.

Reference: Council Conclusions on New Skills for New Jobs Anticipating and matching labour market and skills needs 2930th Employment, Social Policy, Health, and Consumer Affairs Cuncil meeting,  Brussels, 9 March 2009

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