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Conclusions: Brainstorming workshop on skill mismatch

Research on skill mismatch and its implications has increased substantially during the last decades, but there is not yet a common understanding and agreement on what should be priorities for future research, particular in Europe.

Following the strategic reorientation of the Cedefop research arena (Cedra), Cedefop organised a brainstorming workshop on skill mismatch on 30 May 2008.

The objective of the workshop was to identify future priorities for skill mismatch research. Six international experts delivered presentations on this topic, which was followed by discussions.

The outcomes of the workshop will feed into an overview that outlines a vision of needed future research on mismatch that is of particular policy relevance.


Katarina Katz – Mismatch and gender wage differences

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Christoph Meng – Required and available skills

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Walter van Trier - From educational to skills mismatch

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Ulrich Walwei - Skill shortages and long-term unemployment

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Mark Keese - Measuring skill mismatch

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Peter J. Sloane - The problems of overskilling in Australia and Britain

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Pascline Descy - Priorities for future research

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