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Promoting learning for work

Update 2016
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A 20-page guide to Cedefop's work in the field of vocational education and training (VET) in Europe.

Cedefop carries out research and analyses that underpin European and national VET policy, with particular focus on how best to link education and employment through qualifications frameworks, validation of informal and non-formal learning and workbased learning.

By collecting, through its expert networks in Member States, specialised information on VET policies and practice across Europe, Cedefop produces data and statistics that allow for comparisons between countries and identify present challenges and future trends.

Cedefop submits its reports to the European Commission, European Parliament, Member States and European social partners. It also advises its stakeholders on issues linked to vocational education and training.

The Centre also operates as a forum, bringing together policy-makers, social partners, researchers and practitioners to share ideas and debate the best ways to improve vocational education and training in Europe.


Lernen für das Berufsleben

DOI: 10.2801/55873TI-02-16-301-DE-NISBN: 978-92-896-2169-406/06/20161.53 MB

Μάθηση με επίκεντρο την απασχόληση

DOI: 10.2801/846648TI-02-16-301-EL-NISBN: 978-92-896-2160-106/06/20161.49 MB

Promoting learning for work

DOI: 10.2801/853001TI-02-16-301-EN-NISBN: 978-92-896-2155-717/05/20161.47 MB

Fomentando el aprendizaje para el trabajo

DOI: 10.2801/683926TI-02-16-301-ES-NISBN: 978-92-896-2167-006/06/20161.53 MB

Promouvoir l’éducation et la formation pour l’emploi

DOI: 10.2801/362100TI-02-16-301-FR-NISBN: 978-92-896-2163-206/06/20161.53 MB

Promuovere l’apprendimento per il lavoro

DOI: 10.2801/787678TI-02-16-301-IT-NISBN: 978-92-896-2156-401/07/20161.54 MB

Promozzjoni tat-tagħlim għax-xogħol

DOI: 10.2801/452403TI-02-16-301-MT-NISBN: 978-92-896-2170-001/07/20161.5 MB

Leren en werken

DOI: 10.2801/893185TI-02-16-301-NL-NISBN: 978-92-896-2180-906/06/20161.51 MB

Promowanie nauki na potrzeby zatrudnienia

DOI: 10.2801/314009TI-02-16-301-PL-NISBN: 978-92-896-2161-801/07/20161.55 MB

Promover a aprendizagem para o trabalho

DOI: 10.2801/84858TI-02-16-301-PT-NISBN: 978-92-896-2164-901/07/20161.55 MB

Podpora vzdelávania pre prácu

DOI: 10.2801/056853TI-02-16-301-SK-NISBN: 978-92-896-2157-106/06/20161.56 MB

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