Global production and consumption have led to increased logistic challenges around the world. Efficient, time- and cost-effective supply chain management is today a major success factor for companies. With its central location in the heart of Europe, Luxembourg provides global companies with many strategic advantages for successfully conducting their business across borders.

The ‘Qualilog’ training programme is a government initiative to develop the logistic sector and strengthen Luxembourg’s position as a logistics hub in Europe, especially for contract, air and rail freight-based logistics activities.

Qualilog is supported by the Ministry of Economy, the Employment Agency (Agence pour le développement de l’emploi – ADEM) and the department of vocational training (service de la formation professionnelle) of the Ministry of Education (MENJE), and promotes careers in the logistics and transport sector and prepares the unemployed to join this blooming sector.

Potential training participants for Qualilog are selected by the Employment Agency (ADEM). The objective is to develop competences and knowledge to enable participants to join the workforce in this emerging sector. The first training cycles began in May 2014 and lasted between 10 and 12 weeks combining theoretical and practical modules. The first cycle focused on professions linked to storage such as packers, warehouse workers, stock-controllers and stock-managers.

The National Centre for Professional Development (Centre national de formation professionnelle continue - CNFPC) is responsible for implementing the programme,.

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