EU 2020+ policy draws attention to the need for ensuring the quality of career services. Monitoring and evaluation (Μ&Ε) of lifelong guidance and career development services for adults remains an area to develop, particularly as career services can contribute to. 

The virtual workshop invited European and international experts, researchers and stakeholders working in the lifelong guidance policy field, particularly experts in monitoring and evaluation at different levels of the system, in public policy research and policymaking, guidance providers, programme facilitators, and career counselling trainers and others.

The main objective was to exchange and generate new knowledge for supporting national efforts in monitoring and evaluation and quality assurance, in building the evidence base on individual and social outcomes of interventions and promoting solid approaches to monitoring and evaluation in career guidance. In particular, focus was on discussing current research trends and national practices in career services, and the methodological options for evaluating the outcomes and impacts of career development support services and measures for adults (18+), in a lifelong learning perspective.

The event was an opportunity for authors of six research papers to present their findings from the recently published collection of working papers and to present ongoing work by Cedefop, including a study conducted on the topic. Group discussions in breakout rooms focused on an accompanying draft framework comprising elements targeted for monitoring and linked potential indicators.  Participants debated the scope for agreement in working towards minimum standards for monitoring and evaluation that can apply nationally, across guidance sectors, particularly those serving adults.

The study presented seeks to learn which approaches combine towards achieving an integrated vision of the results of career development measures and activities. 

The workshop was restricted and by invitation only. A larger follow up event is envisioned once the final report is published, reflecting new national developments and research in the field.  

News headline on the event can be found here.

Presentations – Day 1

Session 1: System level perspective – Holistic approaches to monitoring and evaluation 

Exploring the potential of a systemic approach for monitoring and evaluating career guidance systems and services, Raimo Vuorinen and Jaana Kettunen (Finnish Institute for Educational Research, University of Jyväskylä, Finland)

Towards a general framework of evaluation of career counselling services: the Polish case, Jerzy Bielecki, Tomasz Płachecki and  Jędrzej Stasiowski, (Educational Research Institute, Warsaw, Poland)

Session 2: Monitoring person-centred approaches and rates of return

Lessons from person-centred adult educational guidance services in Ireland, Petra Elftorp (University of Limerick, Ireland) and Mary Stokes (National Centre for Guidance in Education, Ireland)

Lifelong guidance and welfare to work in Wales: linked return on investment methodology, Chris Percy (University of Derby, UK) and Deirdre Hughes (DMH Associates & Associate Fellow, University of Warwick IER, UK)

Session 3: The importance of practitioners and guidance processes

Monitoring and evaluating the German lifelong guidance programme: a proposal in the context of the professionalisation of guidance counsellors, Peter C. Weber (University of Applied Labour Studies, Mannheim, Germany)

Towards more effective career guidance processes: the CREAR digital tool for improving client-oriented interventions, Helena Kasurinen (HK Career guidance and consulting Ltd, Finland) and Mika Launikari (Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Finland)

Event details

Event Date(s)
21/03/2022 - 22/03/2022
Event Type
Virtual event
Invitation only
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Cynthia Harrison Villalba
Ernesto Villalba Garcia
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