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Expert Workshop on the European Company Survey (ECS)

Preparing the questionnaire for the 4th wave of the ECS

The aim of this workshop is to discuss development work for the 4th wave of European Company Survey (ECS) due to be carried out in 2018-2019.

The topics covered in the new wave of the European Company Survey include: work organisation, skills development and skills strategies, HR strategies, employee participation, social dialogue, digitalisation, etc. and their link to the way organisations approach their product and service market. With a view to capture the recent developments in the literature and other organisations’ survey work, Cedefop and Eurofound invites leading researchers who have contributed to this body of research to take stock and identify research and policy needs. This work supports the joint endeavour of Eurofound and Cedefop in designing the development work for the next (4th) wave of the European Company Survey - ECS.

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Giovanni Russo