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Vocational education and training at higher qualification levels

The European policy agenda calls for an increase in the qualification levels of the working population and for overcoming the institutional divide between vocational and general education.  In this spirit, common EU instruments such as the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and European Credit System for Vocational education and Training (ECVET) cover all qualification levels.



This research paper, covering 13 countries and six sectors, examines the kind of higher qualifications that are currently offered within vocational education, including their features, governance patterns, and degree of academisation. The paper also discusses wider issues such as parity of esteem between vocational and academic education, and the forms and degree of labour market involvement.   


Vocational education and training at higher qualification levels

DOI: 10.2801/88674TI-BC-11-007-EN-N22/08/2011789.27 KB

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