Second European skills and jobs survey (ESJS)

Second European skills and jobs survey (ESJS)

To inform the policy debate and vocational education and training (VET) responsiveness to future of work trends, Cedefop is collecting a second wave of the European skills and jobs survey (ESJS). The 2ND ESJS focuses on the changing skill needs and job tasks of EU workers due to digitalisation and their adaptability to technological change via quality initial and continuing VET.

The 2nd wave of the European skills and jobs survey, to be carried out in in the first half of 2021, aims to address the ongoing policy debate about the impact of digitalisation on the future of jobs and the changing nature of work, as well as heightened concerns about the long-term effect of the Covid-19 crisis on EU digital skill needs and new forms of digital and distance learning. It will do so by collecting comparative information from about 45 000 adult employees from all EU Member States.

The 2nd ESJS will produce new statistics and facilitate timely research on:

  • the exposure and recent trends in the use of digital and automating technologies by EU workers in a cross-country comparative context;
  • the impact of technological change and digitalisation in EU workplaces on skills and learning needs and skill mismatches of EU workers;
  • the extent to which EU workers are adapting to digitalisation and changing technologies in their jobs via continuing learning and workplace practices;
  • the degree to which EU workers’ digital skill gaps are impeding their productivity and job performance;
  • the type of permanent changes to the use of digital/remote work and skills following the Covid-19 crisis.

The 2nd ESJS aims to inform EU policy development and particularly the Skills Agenda for Europe and the Digital Agenda for Europe.

Cedefop is building the 2nd ESJS with the assistance of a technical expert working group comprised of leading labour market and digitalisation experts.

Cedefop will be publishing the first insights from the 2nd ESJS in the second half of 2021.