Cedefop on behalf of the Commission announces a new call for applications for education and vocational training specialists to participate in the Study visit programme during September 2009   June 2010 .

A study visit is a short stay of three to five days in a host country for a group of 10 to 15 education and vocational training specialists and decision-makers, to examine a particular aspect of lifelong learning. A group usually consists of people from seven to ten different European countries. 

The catalogue comprising  282 study visits to be hosted by 30 participating countries is available at the study visits website: http://studyvisits.cedefop.europa.eu.  The topics of the  study visits  have been recently revised to reflect the latest policy developments in education and   vocational  training in Europe.

The online application is available on the study visits website starting 9 February 2009  and will be open till  9  April 2009 .    Applicants are advised to consult their National Agencies about national procedures.

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