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Press release - Outcome based curricula found to benefit learners

Recent evidence suggests that curricula based on learning outcomes can increase learner motivation, forge stronger links between theoretical and practical learning, raise participation rates and improve learners’ prospects on the labour market. But to ensure success, these curricula need to be carefully designed, delivered and assessed - a process which requires the involvement of key stakeholders and well-trained teachers.

This month’s Briefing Note outlines the main conditions to design and deliver outcome-oriented curricula in various European countries and presents the potential benefits to learners.

Outcome-based curricula are currently being introduced across Europe - not just in vocational education and training, but also in higher education and, increasingly, in general education. Cedefop is currently carrying out a comparative research study to identify and analyse current curriculum policies and practices in 32 countries.

The requirements for success in developing outcome-based curricula were discussed at Cedefop’s 2nd international workshop, Curriculum innovation and reform: an inclusive view to curriculum change, held on 20-21 January 2011 in Thessaloniki with the participation of 45 senior experts from 20 European countries.


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