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European Industry: A Sectoral Overview

European Industry: A Sectoral Overview : Commission staff working document
Brussels, 5.10.2005
SEC(2005) 1216

The Commission Communication "Implementing the Community Lisbon Programme: A Policy Framework to Strengthening the Policy Framework for EU Manufacturing: - towards a more integrated approach for Industrial Policy" (COM 474) from 5 October 2005 is based on a systematic identification of sectoral opportunities and challenges. It aims at deepening and supplementing the framework for industrial policy by focussing on its practical application to individual sectors. To this end, the Commission has carried out a thorough screening for 27 separate sectors of manufacturing industry and construction over the last months.As indicated in the Communication, this screening has resulted in a systematic analysis of each individual sector in both a quantitative and qualitative fashion.

This Staff Working Paper contains a short description of the findings for these sectors and thereby accompanies and complements the above cited Industrial Policy Communication. Stakeholders such as industry associations and trade unions have been involved in this process. However, the Commission is prepared to discuss these issues further should it be appropriate. The Staff Working Paper aims at giving a clear picture of the current situation of these industrial sectors and their respective key challenges. Its structure (knowledge, competition, regulation, environment, external competitiveness and employment/regional dimension) broadly follows the main dimensions that have already been set out in previous Communications. While these policy dimensions are not exhaustive, they are particularly relevant to productivity growth and international competitiveness of individual sectors.

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