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EU Policy Papers: Europe 2020 a European strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth (March 2010)

A selection of the most recent reports on VET policy produced by the European Institutions in March 2010.

The links below will provide you with full information about each report. They will give you a detailed summary and other useful sites to visit.


1. Europe 2020  a strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth: Communication from the Commission. COM (2010) 2020, 3.3.2010

2. Social policy agenda: analysis of the social agendas. European Parliament Study, March 2010.

3. Transversal analysis on the evolution of skill needs in 19 Economic Sectors. European Commission, January 2010

4. EU employment situation and social outlook: Monthly monitor March 2010

5. Council conclusions on the need for a new industrial policy. Competitivienss Council meeting, 1 March 2010


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