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EU indicators in the field of youth

The EU Youth Strategy greatly emphasises an evidence-based approach to youth policy.  Having indicators in all the eight 'fields of action' in the strategy will better enable an  examination as to whether the overall objectives are being met.

The dashboard of youth indicators includes indicators for all the fields of action in the EU Youth Strategy.

1. Contextual indicators:

  • Child population 
  • Youth population 
  • The ratio of young people in the total population
  • Mean age of young people leaving the parental household

2. Policy domains with existing indicators:

  • Education & Training
  • Employment & Entrepreneurship
  • Health & Well-being
  • Health & Well-being

3. Policy domains with new indicators 

  • Culture & Creativity
  • Youth Participation
  • Voluntary Activities
  • Youth & the World


Reference: SEC (2011) 401 of 25.3.2011

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