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Employers surveys as a tool for identification of skill needs

22-23 May 2008, Paris, France

Cedefop and its network on early identification of skill needs (Skillsnet) organised in cooperation with OECD a second expert workshop on a common approach to employers' surveys as a tool for identification of skill needs.

The aim of this workshop was to discuss proposals for a future general approach and specific steps, to identify core questions on skill needs for a common European survey and/or for a common module of national surveys, to discuss available national surveys results related to the core questions, including the extensive experience of some OECD countries outside of Europe and to propose specific future steps for a further follow up.

Worshop documents are available below.



EN61.27 KB

List of participants

EN61.27 KB

Draft conceptual outline

EN75.77 KB

Introduction - Alena Zukersteinova

EN84.16 KB

Concept outline presentation - Olga Strietska-Ilina

EN91.72 KB

Occupational employment statistics - George Stamas

EN796.49 KB

The World Bank experience in firm surveys - Alex Ivaschenko

EN180.25 KB

Progress with the JRA pilot - Mark Keese

EN153.31 KB

CVTS3: an update - Alex Stimpson

EN127.25 KB

Job vacancies and recruitment difficulties - Germany Di Domenico

EN152.77 KB

National questions, European answers, tertium comparationis? - Torsten Dunkel

EN43.57 KB

Cedefop Skillsnet team exercise -Skillsnet

EN223.03 KB

National Training Fund - Jiri Branka

EN142.75 KB

Confederation of Finnish Industries - Satu Agren

EN193.84 KB

Employment Observatory - Olympia Kaminioti

EN58.46 KB

National Center of Social Research - Elias Kikilias

EN120.24 KB

Excelsior Information System - Emilio Colombo

EN185.77 KB

National Employer Skills Survey (NESS) - Tracy Mitchell

EN139.71 KB

The UK Commission for Emplyment and SKills - Mark Spilsbury


Sector skill needs analysis in Egypt and links with migration - Natalia Popova and Francesco Panzica

EN82.83 KB

The Romanian experience - Cristina Mocanu and Ana Zamfir

EN45.7 KB

Workshop conclusions

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