In the context of important societal developments, EU and national policy shifts driving change and presenting challenges and opportunities as adults learn, work, and transition in and out of the labour market today, career guidance is continually having to adapt to meet the needs of all individuals. EU post-2020 policy places increased attention on the multifaceted role of career guidance in supporting learning and career pathways, also emphasising outreach and integrated approaches, and services such as validation and skills assessments. As a result, we are invited to revisit aspects of quality in lifelong guidance service delivery and systems, including monitoring and evaluation approaches that lead to a better understanding of inputs, and the sought-after results of career guidance and career development activities.

Are resources available for effectively monitoring and improving guidance services that are fit for these purposes, and for evaluating outcomes and impacts at different levels? Are systems changing to meet evolving demands from clients, to enable a more diverse set of beneficiaries and to reach target groups – are integrated policy approaches and services becoming the norm? Can the costs and investments in supporting career pathways for adults be estimated? What are the important drivers having an impact on the shape of monitoring and evaluation processes in career guidance today? Which approaches are currently used and which data is collected and used? Can a common set of minimum standards be developed for all member states?

Through taking stock of the state of the art and existing models, indicators and approaches to monitoring and evaluation in career guidance, and in looking ahead to the future in the European context, this event has three main aims:

  • To present selected results of Cedefop’s study on support and incentives to learning and careers (Lot 1): monitoring and evaluation of career guidance and career development services. This includes presentation of research papers by external expert teams, findings from a pilot study conducted in Austria in 2021, and several illustrative cases from other European countries;
  • To discuss a proposed monitoring and evaluation framework, and common European indicators, with invited participants including guidance experts and national providers of guidance services, and other key stakeholders;
  • To exchange and generate new knowledge for building the evidence base on monitoring and evaluation in career guidance, including the results of career guidance and career development activities.

The page will be updated as details become available.

Event details

Event Date(s)
21/03/2022 - 22/03/2022
Event Type
Virtual event
Invitation only
Cedefop involvement